Proudly Supporting The PRHS

Over the many years the Philippine Railways Historical Society has had many, many members and others who have helped us with the project of documenting and sharing Philippine railway history, news and information.

  To everyone, we say thank you, your efforts are acknowledged in all our forum archive posts, newsletter, e-zines and our new database project.

Thanks also to The ‘Manila Sunset Convenience Store’ in Sydney Australia, the home of the PRHS and supporter since the store started in 2010.
If your in Sydney, feel free to drop by, meet Brad from the PRHS and sample a little bit of the Philippines down here in Australia.
Check out our Manila Sunset Website.
The shop is also on Facebook (see groups)

A big thank you to the management and staff of the Philippine National Railways who, over the years, have made me feel welcome and help this one obsessed Aussie to learn so much about the railways of this wonderful country.
The PNR is at a turning point, it is fighting back against years of neglect and your fans are here beside you supporting your immense efforts.
More power PNR – the future is going to be a bright one.


Thanks also to the Philippine Railways Railfan Group, Brian, Michael and its many members. Your continued friendship, support and help with my endless enquiries has made the hobby so much easier.


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