PRHS Database Project 2012 – ??

This year I, along with the help of my research friends Arvin Danganan and Roberto Cordoba back in the Philippines, embarked on the mammoth task of trying to build three databases based on all currently known information regarding MRR, PNR and Panay post-dieselization locomotive and passengerrollingstock fleets.

  While this website, as well as our related blogsites and forums, tend to cover mostly the latest news and fleet information, a lot of the older stuff appears to just get buried and needed a location to come together – thus the database project.

  While there are massive gaps in what we know, we have found that the research involved in collating all this has lead us on to some new discoveries already. We are hopeful that more discoveries will be made and are grateful to everyone who has offered their support so far.

  Updates for the project will be often shown here, while more regular ones will appear on our PRHS PhilippineRailways forum.

Thank You

  We would like to thank the following people and organisations for their support of what we are trying to achieve.

Michael Cacho, Dan Robirds, Dave Sherron, Brian Young and various members of the PRHS forum.

Philippine National Railways (Current operator)

Philippine Railways Railfan Group (Local Manila Railfan Group)

Of course we have a very long way to go. We aren’t kidding ourselves that this will be a quick project. However ultimately whatever we can get together will go to interested historical archives in the Philippines and overseas. It will never be 100% complete, but it will be a great starting point for other researchers.

  Check out this page later for latest updates on the project.


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