PRHS Members

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The PRHS, for most of it’s life, has been a free research/social group for thosrailfans interested in the railways of the Philippines. More recently this was extended to other transport modes around the country.
As such, there is no official membership list. Membership being considered as those on the PRHS Yahoogroup and Facebook groups.

However, there have been some people who have been around for a long time and, as such, are considered to be very important to the group idea.

Reynante Bulaon, Paul Cabalhin, Mark Chua, Graham John Corry, Arvin Danganan, Benedict Exconde, Graham Holt (RIP), Michael Lozano, Edward Manapol, James Mangun, Aberto Nual (PNR), Rodney Orca, Emma Papa (PNR), Lyn Paragas (LRT), Bill Sullivan (RIP).

I thank you all for your help and friendship over the many years.

More people to be added to the list shortly.