PRHS – History

1999 – First visit to the Philippines saw the setting up of the ‘Philippine Railways SIG’ in an effort to learn more about the railways of the Philippines, meet others with a similar interest and share what has been found with others.
The PhilippineRailways forum is set up on Egroups and becomes a wonderful repository of information over the following years.

2000 – Forum moves to Yahoogroups.

2004 – Second visit and a seriuous attempt commenced to collect information and photographes on railway history of the Philippines, with a special interest in the diesel era.

2007 – First group meeting in Manila at Tayuman yard, this eading to another visit to Caloocan yard of Bill Sullivan, Harvey Smoller, Edward Manapol (PNR) and myself. This visit being the start of the groups planned preservation movement.
A new society is commenced under the name of the ‘Railways and Industrial Heritage Society Phils Inc’.

2008 – The ‘Philippine Railways SIG’ registered as (RIHSPI-ANZ) in Australia to raise finances for the new RIHSPI group and start to do fund raising activity.
Philippine Transportation and Philippine Modelling forums become offshoots of the PRHS.

2009 – Following a visit to the Philippines a number of requests for information were rejected and a number of ideas were not considered in line with preservation. Sadly this lead to our withdrawing of support for the group at this time.
An inexplicable claim that PNR confused us with the completely differently named, Philippine based, group lead us to decide on a name change to the ‘Philippine Railway Historical Society’.
‘Along Da Riles’ magazine is launched and becomes popular, but due to splitting of groups its publication fell off and was replaced by railfan guidebooks to the Philippines that still continue to this day.

2010 – A whole new direction for the PRHS is launched after the complete failure of preservation in the Philippines.
PNR had scrapped a lot of the imprtant historical items that still existed, leaving a small amount of items in existence.
The PRHS returned to its core purpose of researching and sharing information for the benefit of others.
PRHS Vice-President (and closest friend) passes away at the end of the year leading to a desire to fix things in the Philippine hobby and attempt to all work together and further progress.

2011 – Visit to the Philippines to spread information on the society across the various operators and catch up on same.
Dinner meeting between PRHS and RIHSPI members organised and a new future of co-operation expected, despite only a couple turning up.
PRHS organsies second railfan day (thanks to the Philippine Railways Railfan Group) and the first ever Philippine Modelling group night at Ermita.
‘Philippine Railway Database’ project is launched in an effort to compile all known rollingstock information into the one location. This would become a large file available to historical societies and museums around the world with an interest.
The database project is massive and relies on the help of many, however a special thanks must go to Arvin Dangalan.

2012 – Internet and railfan guides most concentrated on.
RIHSPI website ceases being update from the first half of the year and elections not proceeded with.
Board member seeks to set up his own seperate group which has no relation to our PRHS group, but will hopefully pick up the preservation pieces.

2013 – We continue on our path, meeting others and gaining knowledge on the way.
We are graduallly continuing the database project and developing more on the promoting of model railways in the country.
Yes we have our detractors to this day (a zero tolerance policy for such people has relieved much of this) , but we will continue to promote and push a great hobby in a great country.


Brad Peadon




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