PNR Locomotive Photographic Overview

Philippine National Railways
Current Fleet

Below is a photographic overview of the locomotive types currently
used by PNR on Luzon.
For further fleet updates and information please check out our
PRHS guides on this website.
Note that this does not include extinct classes of locomotive which will ultimately be covered as part of the database project. If you can help with any information on those former locomotives please contact us.

Nippon Sharyo 3500 Class

U6B General Electric 5000 Class

U10B General Electric 2500 Class

U15C General Electric 900 Class

U14C General Electric 900 Class

U15C (2nd version) General Electric 900 Class 
These locomotives (917-922) form the backbone of the PNR system, used on everything from the Bicol Express passenger train, own to Manila locals and perway duties




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