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Interested in Philippine transportation?
Check out our PRHS websites
and forums.

  While the ‘Philippine Railway Historical Society’ started as a primarily railway based group, over the years our members have shown much interest in other local forms of transport.
Gradually our forums have expanded to cater for these other interests.
We aim to run fun, and easy going, type groups with a minimum of rules.
Troublemakers are rare, though we have had a couple over the years, but are now dealt with quickly by the admins and moderators. Overall, we have a great group environment even as we pass the 1000 member mark.

Philippine Railway Historical Society (Facebook)
Our main group covering all things rail in the Philippines.

Current news, historical, modelling, photos and more.
Over 1000 members and growing.

Philippine Railway Historical Society (Yahoogroups)
As above, but mostly replaced by Facebook group.

PRHS Facebook Page for group updates.
Group updates and news.

PRHS – Transportation Special Interest Group. (Facebook)
Buses, planes, jeepneys, kalesas, taxis, ferries, ships.
All the non-railway transport of the Philippines.

PRHS – Philippine / Australian Aviation Fans (Facebook)
Formerly FILDAC-Australia, for people interested in Philippine and Australian aviation.

Philippine Jeepney (Facebook)
Our newest group, for people with a passion for everything jeepney.

Philippine Railway Historical Society Blog
Photos, news, history, publications and more.

Philippine Modelling Forum

Websites Not Run By the PRHS (No responsibility taken):

Philippine Train Enthusiast & Railfan Club (Facebook)
RIHSPI Facebook Page (Disused)
RIHSPI (Philippines) – Started By The PRHS. (Website Closed).
The Manila Railroad Club (Site suspended by March 2017)
The Manila Railroad Club (Facebook) Last used June 2016.
Philippine National Railways (Official Facebook Page)

For the Philippine Transport Fans – Sites Recommended By The PRHS:

Philippine Bus Enthusiasts Society
Philippine Railway Modellers Group





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