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25th April 2016

The ‘Philippine Railway Historical Society’ was created by Brad Peadon in 1999 as the ‘Philippine Railways SIG’ and has continued to exist to research, share information and help others, free of charge, with information pertaining to the railways of the Philippines.

Our main interests are in our blogsites, published newsletters and guides, as well as our internet forums, all of which will be found at this new website.

In 2012, along with the help of two railway research friends, I have started a huge project called the ‘PRHS Philippine Railway Database Project’. More information can be found through the link above.


  The intention of this website is to bring all these projects together, as well as act as an information database to all facets of todays, and yesterdays, Philippine railway operations.. It will promote the hobby, share the latest news and forward its new modelling and transportation divisions.

  We intend to promote the current Philippine railway operations, the usage of railways (and other transportation) for tourist and local transport means and the railfan hobby as a whole.

  Photographs, drawings, news and information are welcome and can be contributed through our official forum Philippine Railways, or to me directly via email. All contributions are credited to the contributer and may be subject to research usage by others. Items used from here should be credited to the original person and to the ‘Philippine Railway Historical Society’

Please note, this project was started in January 2012 and that it is in it’s infancy. Contributions from knowledgeable Philippine railway fans are welcome and editors of sections are also invited to contact me.

Are you interested in the railways of the Philippines.
Join our busy Facebook group for news and photos.
Or our original Yahoogroup.

The Philippine railway database was an often discussed idea between my late friend Bill Sullivan and myself. This website will the the culmination of these discussions and is dedicated to his memory.

Brad Peadon – Philippine Railway Historical Society

PRHS . Society @  gmail. com  (Remove Spaces)

Manila Sunset Convenience Store – Proudly Supporting The PRHS.

FIFTEEN YEARS- We are celebrating this amazing anniversary during March 2014.
It has been a rough 15 years, starting with a hobby that had little interest, the PRHS has managed to not only make a prototype hobby in the Philippines, but now it aims to make model trains just as popular.
Yes, we have had our jealous detractors over the years, endured much abuse, but I did this for the Philippines, a country I have grown to love, I’ve done it to try to both bring a great hobby to the country and to promote interest in a wonderful history.
To those who have argued and lied about me for years – MABUHAY.

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