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20th November 2018

  The ‘Philippine Railway Historical Society’ was created by Brad Peadon in 1999 as the ‘Philippine Railways SIG’ and has continued to exist to research, share information and help others, free of charge, with information pertaining to the railways of the Philippines.

Our main interests are in our blogsites, published newsletters and guides, as well as our internet forums, all of which will be found at this new website.

The intention of this website is to bring all our forums and projects together, as well as act as an information database to all facets of today’s, and yesterdays, Philippine railway operations. It will promote the hobby, share the latest news and forward its new modelling and transportation divisions.

  We intend to promote the current Philippine railway operations, the usage of railways (and other transportation) for tourist and local transport means and the railfan hobby as a whole.

  Photographs, drawings, news and information are welcome and can be contributed through our official forum Philippine Railways, or to me directly via email. All contributions are credited to the contributor and may be subject to research usage by others. Items used from here should be credited to the original person and to the ‘Philippine Railway Historical Society’

Contributions from knowledgeable Philippine railway fans are welcome and editors of sections are also invited to contact me.
Remember that all our forums are in English in order to promote the hobby worldwide.

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Brad Peadon – Philippine Railway Historical Society


20th Anniversary Magazine

We will be celebrating this amazing anniversary during March 2019. It is hoped to have a few catchups with railfans in Manila.
A special 20th anniversary issue of ‘Along Da Riles’ is currently in the printers and should be available in January 2019

This website is dedicated to former Vice-President, and great friend.
William ‘Bill’ Sullivan.
A man, who’s passion for the Philippine railways, continues to inspire
and push me on.



Wooden first class passenger coach.




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